Giuseppe, the protagonist in this documentary, is the symbol of a new generation that desires a more ethical and ecological approach to the sea and all it offers. However Giuseppe is also a fisherman and a son of a fisherman who was practically born on a fishing boat in the strait of Messina. He becomes very insecure when his father tells him his time has come as a fisherman and needs to start harpooning too. His studies and research at University have caused him to see fishing from an ecological perspective and have slowly distanced him from the traditional method of harpooning that he has always known. In an attempt to reassure himself, he goes back to his roots, back with his father fishing in the strait where he realizes the cultural importance of the traditional fishing method. He also realizes his father belongs to a group of fisherman that practice a sustainable method of fishing and are defenders of the sea. Giuseppe finally decides to throw the harpoon. It is a choice that he finds somewhat painful but, in the end, it reinforces his realization that this type of fishing respects the equilibrium of the sea. He feels that his father’s and his own harpoon have never wounded the sea.

Giuseppe’s father Nino is an epic character. He is a great hunter and master of a fishing technique perfected over centuries. He has a great knowledge of the sea and its limits.  Giuseppe has great respect for the sea and feels we need to take a step back. He feels man should take from the sea only that which it is able to regenerate. Fishing is in his blood. He represents tradition and he is a monument to good sense.